Events and Studio News for April!

Events and Studio News for April!

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April is a very special month at Ballet Barre Works, it's our anniversary month! This year on April 29th we will be 7 years old! That is 7 years of dancing, sweating, and creating friendships and a community that means the absolute world to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of it!

International Dance Day!
April 29th is International Dance Day and serendipitously our 7th Anniversary! The first International Dance Day was started by the International Dance Committee of the UNESCO International Theatre Institute in 1982. April 29th was chosen to commemorate the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre, who was a French  choreographer and dancer in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, who evolved the way ballets were produced, leading to the modern narrative format. For more details and information on events happening near you, check out both the general and Canadian International Dance Day websites! 

April Holiday Schedule!
April 19th - Both studios will run classes as usual on Good Friday.

April 22nd - Classes at our 4th street location are running as usual but Marda Loop is closed.

Marda Loop Temporary Closure!
Our Marda Loop studio will be closed for 6 days in April from the 22nd to 27th to respect the churches Holy Week.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Classes will be running as usual at our 4th street location, and we will also be running 9:30am classes Monday through Friday so you can continue to start your day off right!

If you have an unlimited pass or a 4 months of barre pass, your pass will be extended if you are unable to attend classes at 4th street. We also have a two week free trial of our Ballet Beats streaming if you would prefer to do class at home! 

Happy April Rebel Ballerinas! We are looking forward to the next 7 years dancing with you!
The Ballet Barre Works Team 

Ballet Beats Corner

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Last month saw rebel ballerinas dancing, sweating, and finding peace in the mountains of Invermere. 

We couldn't be more grateful to everyone for coming, being present, and taking the time to invest in themselves and our community!

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We are returning to the beautiful boutique hotel La Negra Surf and Soda in Nosara Costa Rica that we were privileged to be at last year for our next retreat!

Pencil in November 16-22 to your calendars and visit the Ballet Beats website, or follow Ballet Beats on Instagram for all the details.

Registration is now open! Follow the link below to save your spot in paradise!