What to Expect

We do not have front desks at either of our locations. You are still welcome to make a purchase at the studio but we only accept cash and credit cards at this time. Your instructor will take payment prior to class and we ask that you create your profile prior to attending the class to ensure there is space and make the process as seamless as possible. If you need assistance reserving your spot in class, please email info@balletbarreworks.com to have your name added to the class. We appreciate your understanding of our studio set-up! 

If you are new to the studio, we recommend purchasing our Intro Month so that you can experience all of our different class styles. If you purchase a drop-in and decide you would like to purchase the intro month, simply email info@balletbarreworks.com and we will apply the drop-in fee to your intro month. Please note an intro pass can only be purchased if you have never attended the studio.


Intro Month $60 - This pass is for all NEW Rebel Ballerinas! Enjoy unlimited classes at both studio locations. This pass activates upon registration for your first class, not at the time of purchase. Please ensure the first class you register for is the first class you plan to attend or the pass will not recognize that you have purchased a pass and will ask for payment again. If you have already attended the studio, the intro pass will not be available to purchase. Email info@balletbarreworks.com to have us process the pass and refund your drop-in.

Monthly Unlimited Membership $135/month - For those who are in love with our program and community, this is the pass for you. We recommend this pass if you are attending the studio 2-3 times per week. 

  • unlimited classes at both studio locations

  • 2 bring-a-friend passes per month

  • 15% off BBW merchandise

  • 2 late-cancel fees waived per month

  • option to put your membership on hold 3 times per year

One Month Unlimited $150 - Master motivator, this pass gives you access to all classes at both studio locations. It activates upon registration of your first class using the pass. 

Twenty Class Card $320 - Activates on the sale date, one year expiry.

Ten Class Card $175 - Activates on the sale date, one year expiry.

Five Class Card $100 - Activates on the sale date, one year expiry.

Drop-in $22 - Please feel free to drop-in anytime, if you early-cancel your class, the drop-in fee will remain on your account for future use. Valid for one year from date of purchase. 

Mom & Baby $120 - Classes are Registered Sessions that run for 6 weeks with a make-up class on the 7th week. We will be offering two classes per week starting in October. The pass for twice per week will be $220. Available for purchase mid-September. Limited drop-in spaces are available.