Kalyn Swihart created Ballet Beats®, a full-body workout experience, to break down the ballet barrier - making ballet accessible to all. Kalyn has spent years creating and refining each exercise in the syllabus and its intentional progression. She applies decades of training, technique and knowledge into the creation of the Ballet Beats® experience.

Kalyn holds a BA in dance with a major in ballet from the University of Calgary and Alberta Ballet. Her education emphasized both dance and kinesiology which has supported the marriage of both Classical Ballet technique and fitness to create a unique experience for her students. 

Ballet Beats® is a community focused on health, energy and happiness. We are a body-positive, come as you are, accepting community. We focus on the movement, finding a mind-body connection, learning, moving to the music. Freedom through self-expression. We strive to deepen body awareness and encourage getting to truly know your body. The workout is challenging and provides amazing results but that is just the by-product, not the focus. We love to dance, we find meditation through movement and through the memorization of sequences. We rebel against the "ideal body" and strive to encourage and support each student to be their best self and their strongest self. We have fun, we smile, we laugh and we work really, really hard. The goal of the Ballet Beats® method is to take the focus off of what our bodies look like and place it on how we feel and how far we can push ourselves both physically and mentally. You will not hear the words calories or inches mentioned. You will be taught how to use your body properly, safely and gracefully. You will be reminded to stand tall, find correct posture, activate the right muscles, push yourself to your maximum and to LOVE yourself right now in this moment. That self-love and confidence in knowing your body will bring you to a new level of fitness and strength.