Costa Rica November 16-22, 2019



I fell in love with this boutique hotel in Nosara and immediately knew it was the perfect retreat destination. We have the entire hotel to ourselves for our upcoming retreat. Picture this, you wake up to morning coffee (local of course) and sit in the beautiful garden or on your terrace. Slowly waking up to the sun and the smell of the ocean. After a delicious, healthy breakfast we go into the open-air studio at the hotel for a long, sweaty Ballet Beats session. Lunch awaits to refuel for an afternoon of beach bliss. Grab your swimsuit, towel and perhaps a surfboard and take a five minute walk to the beach for a few hours in the sun. Without rushing, we make our way back to the studio for yoga to restore and stretch and find depth.  Let's meet at the beach for sunset and talks about life and all of the things. This beautifully packed day of self-love and being present has prepared our bellies for a tasty, family-style meal under mini-lights and starry skies. You may need rest or you may choose a little class as your night-cap. It's up to you as you listen to your body and your heart and remind yourself that taking care of yourself and giving yourself the gift of time is what you need to take back home with you. Come join me and get filled up so you can feel just a little bit lighter and your path may be just a little bit clearer. Are you ready?

Pricing Options

We will have this amazing boutique hotel to ourselves for the week. There are many spaces to relax and decks to lounge on. Shared accommodation means you will be sharing a bed for the duration of the retreat. The rooms are large and spacious and offer private areas for alone time. We are also happy to offer Single Occupancy options and options to bring non-retreaters to share your space. Email us with questions!

Double Occupancy Shared Queen Bed (2 rooms available with a very large patio) - $2250 CAD + GST

Single Occupancy Queen Bed (1 rooms available) - $2900.00 CAD + GST

Double Occupancy Shared King Bed (6 rooms available) - $2350 CAD + GST

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Included in the Retreat

6 nights accommodation at La Negra Surf and Soda

Breakfast and Lunch Daily

4 family-style dinners (2 nights are left to explore the local culture)

Ballet Beats and Yoga Classes Daily

The time of your life

Example Schedule

Wake-up to coffee, fresh fruit, yogurt and granola

Ballet Beats Class

Post-Class Breakfast

Free time! Float, swim, surf, walk, read, lounge, read

Lunch and afternoon Yoga

Go to the beach to watch the sunset

Family-style dinner, puzzles, games, visiting