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Teacher Training Success!

Teacher Training Success!

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The very first session of teacher training under the Ballet Beats curriculum was a huge success! We are so excited to continue to build this community of dancers, which wouldn’t be possible without you the students, or the studios and individuals who signed up to learn the program.  So a huge THANK YOU to everyone!

The training involved instruction in, and exploration of, ballet and barre positions and techniques, the Ballet Beats syllabus, as well as how to lead a class and engage students, with Jillian and Kalyn.

The teacher-training program also included three modules that were taught by guest instructors who are experts in their fields.

Alli George has a degree in dance from the U of C, diploma in exercise science from Lethbridge College, certification in personal training and coaching, and extensive dance experience. She specializes in dance specific training, and developing biomechanics breakdowns for safe and efficient movement. Alli’s goal is to help dancers develop safe, efficient, and effective movement patterns while maximizing their strength and mobility. All of which made her the perfect instructor to teach our trainees about mat and weight safety and technique.

We were also so excited to bring in Hailey McLeod for the anatomy and safe teaching practices module. Hailey is a dancer, actor, creator and teacher who has explored many ventures in the arts realm. She pursued dance training in contemporary and jazz styles while earning her BA in Dance from the University of Calgary in 2014, and holds an MSc in Dance Science from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Hailey included everything about basic anatomy and proper posture so trainees were able to identify what muscles are working when, as well as how to activate and deactivate the correct muscles at the correct time. Hailey’s class also dove into proper alignment and how to recognize where there is potential for injury.

Our final guest instructor was Allison Smith, an internationally known voice talent who trains yoga and fitness instructors in voice quality. Eliminating bad speech habits such as upspeak, vocal fry, repetitive word choices, and the unconscious adoption of a “character” can all distract students and take away from their experience in class.

All of our teacher training programs are available to already established studios wishing to expand the classes that they provide, as well as individuals who want to extend their knowledge and challenge themselves. Once training is complete, the opportunity to licence the Ballet Beats syllabus is available for a yearly fee. Employment at the Ballet Barre Works studio is not guaranteed, however, applications are always strongly encouraged!

We are here to answer any questions you may have about any future training opportunities! Please email 

“Teaching this program has changed my life. The passion I have for the program, the relationships I have gained from being a teacher, and the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits I feel on a daily basis are because I am blessed to be a teacher. I am running [these] training [sessions] because I want everyone to feel what I feel when the music starts and our bodies start moving in unity.”