Spring Challenge Sign Up DEADLINE!

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The DEADLINE to sign up for our Spring Challenge is TODAY!

The challenge will run from April 1 - May 8 and will include our first ever Technique and Intention Setting Yoga classes, plus it will include some amazing specialty dance classes!

There is no set number of classes to achieve in this challenge; instead we want you to have YOUR best challenge yet, and to give you the tools to find maximum growth in your practice. 

There are 3 pass options to choose from:

$150 - 38 day pass
$175 - pass + special challenge tank
$225 - pass + tank + private session with Kalyn (only 10 of these are available)


If you already have an active pass, you can put it on hold for the duration of the challenge in order to purchase one of the challenge passes, or, use it to take part in the challenge.

Make sure to add your name to the challenge boards that are hanging up at both of our studios so you can keep track of the classes you have completed!

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The first of our Technique sessions is Mats and Weights. In this class Jessica will solidify your understanding of proper technique on the mat and when using weights. You will go over proper body mechanics, common mistakes, myths, and how to maximize the movements within your own body. Our goal is to help you prevent injury, and to understand how to modify movements. There will also be plenty of opportunity to answer any questions you may have!

The first session is happening TOMORROW Sunday April 1,
12:00-1:00pm at our 4th street location.

The second session will take place Tuesday April 3,
6:45-7:45pm at our Marda Loop location.

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Boost Your Barre is a coaching class, similar to a yoga posture clinic. Katie will go through basic ballet movements to solidify the techniques that are used in our classes. It is a great way to get deeper into the movement and is a great chance to ask questions and move at a slower pace. You will still get a workout, but the focus is more on learning and mastering the Ballet Beats Method technique!

The first session is happening Tuesday April 3,

7:15-8:15pm at our 4th street location.

The second session will be held Thursday April 5,

6:45-7:45pm at our Marda Loop location.

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Intention Setting Yoga is a chance to get centered, feel balanced, and remind yourself to follow your path and to stay true to what is important to you and what makes your heart feel happy.

Join Kathryn Kohlenberg’s first session on Saturday April 7,

11:30am -12:45pm at our Marda Loop location.

The second session will take place the next day on Sunday April 8,

12:00-1:15pm at our 4th street location.

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Hailey McLeod is back for Anatomy and Alignment for the Dancing Body! This class is an excellent accompaniment to our Boost Your Barre class with Katie. Hailey will give you a greater understanding of the positions and basic movements of ballet from an anatomical perspective. You will learn how to make adjustments to suit your body so you are able to achieve optimal technique and remain injury free in your dance and fitness practice!

Join us for the first session Wednesday April 4,

6:45-8:00pm at our Marda Loop location.

The second session will run Thursday April 5,

7:15-8:30pm at our 4th street location.


We hope you will join us for these magical 38 days in motivating each other as we move together, create energy, and make space for what matters. Commit to yourself and “Prove Nothing”!


Lots of love,

The Ballet Barre Works Team

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