Why do we offer Streaming?

  • To make the Ballet Beats® Method available to everyone, regardless of where they live

  • Because life is busy and it can be hard to make it to a class

  • Travel is a huge part of life for many people and if you love Ballet Beats®, you should do it wherever you are

  • To allow anyone to experience the program in the comfort of their own home. We hope it will open the door for everyone to join us at a studio, at a retreat or to take part in our teaching training program

What is included?

The Program:

- New 30-40 Minute Ballet Beats® Class launched every Sunday. These classes are designed to do anywhere, the only equipment that may be required is a Yoga mat. Do this series as many times as you can in the 7 days that you have access to it.

- Every week you will have access to an "in studio" class. The style of class will change weekly to give you exposure to all of the different class styles that make up the entire Ballet Beats® program. These classes may require a barre or chair, a Yoga mat, 3 lb weights and optional ankle weights.

- Classical Ballet will be offered most months and may be accessed for the entire month. It is recommended to incorporate this class to deepen your understanding of traditional Ballet methods.

- Access to specialty classes, when offered. These will be "in studio" classes and will range from Diva Hip Hop to African dance. Take the opportunity to try something new!

-Ongoing technique videos to give you the best experience possible and will equip you with the knowledge to maintain a safe, independent practice of the Ballet Beats® Method.

-The subscription will be growing and evolving over the coming months as we figure out our groove! We would love feedback and suggestions as we grow our online community